Jun 7, 2007

Peace Corps Staging

Well, Nadia and I just completed the second day of our staging event in Washington, D.C. We are now officially Peace Corps Trainees! w00t w00t! Tomorrow morning we'll get our remaining vaccines and we'll receive the first dose of our anti-malaria medication. Let the mad dreams commence!

Nadia is very excited to be back in D.C. She lived up here for two months for an internship last year and was really sad to leave. We walked around some of her old stomping grounds this evening. We were tempted to watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but we decided not to blow three hours of our last evening in the U.S.

Now we're rearranging our luggage to make it a little easier to carry. Then we'll catch a few zzz's before waking up early for our big day tomorrow. Hooray! I will probably not be able to post for a few weeks while we get set up in our pre-service training area in Togo, but I'll do so as soon as possible. Take care, everyone!

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Alex said...

I'm really excited for you and hope you'll keep up this blog. So few people really have something interesting to blog about and you're peace corps experience is certainly going to be interesting!

I sincerely hope you and Nadia will find this to be a fulfilling, challenging, and exciting experience. I'm a little envious :).