Jul 4, 2007

Well, it's week four here in Togo. Internet access has been a little
unreliable, so I haven't been able to post in a while. I actually had
several posts typed up on my flash drive, but then I left the darned
thing at home. :)

Nadia and I came here to Kpalime today to use the internet and buy some
hot dogs for today's 4th of July celebration with the other volunteers.
At this moment, several fellow stagiares are killing some chickens for
le grand fete.

Entirely too much has happened here to summarize right now (our host mom is waiting for us here in the cyber cafe) . Essentially the village for our training is great. We're at the foot of the tallest mountain in Togo, and it is incredibly green. The entire village came and sang and danced to welcome us when we arrived. It was an amazing experience. Our host family is wonderful, and they have one of the nicest houses in town. We actually have electricity, a flushing toilet, and... a satellite dish! Yep, we've been watching lots fo Cote d'Ivoir television and occasionally CNN. I really wasn't expecting that.

We find out our posts on Friday. I'm so excited. I'm an ICT (information and communication technology) volunteer, so I know we'll either be in Sokode, Kpalime, Souduboua, or Tsevie.

Hopefully it won't be too long till my next blog entry. Thanks for your patience!


stephiepete said...

Tristan and Nadia - I'm glad you made it safely and are already having a great experience there! We miss you in the states,

Anonymous said...

Ald to hear that things are going great. Just wanted to let you know that we lost the baby. Short and sweet, we are making it and will plan again to get pregnant.. the baby was a girl. So, to give bad news :( WE love you guys and wish the best for you...keep the blog going!

Anonymous said...

That was from me Christina...above comment!

Tristan McInnis said...

Christina, I'm so sorry! Nadia and I will be praying for you and Mike.

Channon said...

This is great info to know.